The Council of St Andrew's College


St Andrew’s College was established by Act of Parliament and is governed by a Trust Deed.

The Council is the governing body for St Andrew’s College (including St Andrew’s Preparatory School), and is the de facto Board of Directors.

Council’s responsibilities include the setting of the strategy for the school, ensuring and practising good governance, managing and mitigating all known and potential risks, and the appointment of the Headmaster and Business Manager. Council has oversight of the school’s finances, operations and infrastructure.

Work currently underway with the Rhodes Business School will ensure that Council’s governance structures are aligned with the King IV Code of Corporate Governance, appropriately adapted for a school environment.


Members of Council serve voluntarily and give freely of their time, effort and experience. Except in exceptional circumstances, Council members do not receive remuneration for their contribution to St Andrew’s College. All elected members serve in their personal capacity.

According to the Trust Deed, Council consists of a maximum of sixteen elected members, one member nominated by the Bishop of the Diocese of Grahamstown, and two members nominated by St Andrew’s Preparatory School.

Members of Council are elected for an initial term of four years, which may be extended.


Certain powers are delegated to the Executive Committee of Council, so as to expedite decision making. The Executive Committee acts for Council in routine matters and those items not considered to be matters of policy. In certain cases, where additional work on a matter under discussion is required, Council may refer an item to the Executive Committee or to another Committee of Council.


Both Council and the Executive Committee of Council are scheduled to meet on a termly basis, and members may attend either in person or virtually. Additional meetings are called as required throughout the year.

The Headmaster, the Second Master, the Business Manager and the Deputy Headmasters of St Andrew’s College and the Headmaster of St Andrew’s Preparatory School attend all the meetings of both the full Council and the Executive Committee, while other members of staff are invited for specific agenda items where appropriate.

Our School Policies

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