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Independent Boarding School Experience

St Andrew’s College is an independent boarding school for boys in the Eastern Cape. We provide our pupils with exceptional academic programmes, sport facilities and learning beyond the classroom. We also have a wide range of cultural activities, clubs and societies to expand the schooling experience and enrich their education.

The community we reside in is an integral part of our college and we strive to teach our boys how to give back in a meaningful way. The St Andrew’s College experience is one of growth and development as we create a journey that will carry our boys through school, preparing them for their future endeavours.


Our Academics Approach

Our progressive and modern approach to our academic programmes at St Andrew’s College fosters critical thinking, collaboration and academic excellence while constantly guiding and supporting our pupils to reach their individual potential.

The curriculum we follow and the opportunities we have created is aimed at benefiting our boys to successfully carry out their learning journey at a tertiary institute once they have left St Andrew’s College.


School Sports

We consider sport to be an important part of your son‘s education at St Andrew‘s College. Enjoyment, fun and satisfaction are primary purposes, while character, team work and camaraderie all develop in the sporting context and play an important role in social development.

Explore the wide range of games our independent boarding school offers ensuring that every boy will find a sport which suits them.


Education Beyond the Classroom

Outdoor Education has become an integral part of school life at St Andrew’s College, with the Eastern Cape being the perfect adventure playground for all our activities. The opportunities we have to educate our boys beyond the classroom are vital to lifting the hectic academic, sport and cultural pressures.


Cultural Activities

St Andrews College Art and Music Department has a group of outstanding teachers, vibrant and fully equipped facilities, and an abundance of resources to allow our pupil’s creativity and education to flourish.

The Arts are an essential part of a young boys creative and intellectual development. We offer Music, Art and Drama as both an extramural activity and as an academic subject from Grade 10 through to 12.



Our Clubs and Societies

We have an extensive range of clubs and societies for the pupils of St Andrew’s College which will not only enrich their schooling experience but will also teach our boys valuable life lessons for the future.

From engaging with the community of Makhanda (Grahamstown) through community service activities to exploring the beautiful nature surrounding our campus, there are so many ways to showcase their talents beyond the classroom.



Engage in a Meaningful Way

Community Engagement is an essential part of life at St Andrew’s College. With our boarding school situated in the heart of the Eastern Cape, we are proud that our school and boys are embedded in the community economically, geographically and socially. However, as in so many South African cities, impoverished and unemployed townsfolk are a significant component of our community.

It is vital for our boys to empathise with people afflicted by unemployment and poverty or who are less fortunate than they are. Our extensive and diverse range of activities offers boys the opportunity to engage in a meaningful way with the community and make a lasting contribution.


Boys Boarding School

St Andrew’s College in Makhanda (Grahamstown) is one of the top boys’ private boarding schools in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. We have pupils from across the world who get to call St Andrew’s College their home. This makes for an exciting student body in which boys can forge friendships with classmates from all corners of the globe.

About 85% of our pupils are boarders, and our focus is primarily on creating a home-away-from-home atmosphere for boarders. With all the facilities, resources and support we have to offer on our beautiful campus, as an independent school, we strive to take care of all their schooling and personal needs, providing each boy with a holistic experience in preparation for their future.