T his is open to all students. We meet once a week to share a time of fellowship, discuss a Bible passage or chapter or watch a DVD. The boys are encouraged to participate and lead a discussion or study. We also pray for our School and community.

SCA at College is growing in strength and numbers as time goes on. Our boys make the most of this incredible space which is proving to be massively valuable for their growth and spirituality. Faith at College informs every single thing we do as Boys and Staff and forms our moral and spiritual codes in all we do, which is of utmost importance.

In addition to House Bible Studies, Chapel twice a week, and House Prayers where we are covering the Gospel of Mark story by story, boys come to Chapel on Monday evenings where Worship and sharing of our faith is a key component to the structure of SCA. We are also going through a NOOMA video series that speaks to the elements of our relationship with God, what that looks like, and how we can draw nearer to our Great God Jesus Christ.

We are also involved in a City-wide Youth Group which includes St Andrew’s College, DSG, Kingswood College, Graeme College, and Victoria Girls High School at rally-like events. May God bless our plans and may they advance His Kingdom in our wonderful family of Schools.