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Afrikaans Huistaal (Afrikaans Home Language)

Offered in Option 2.

Other subjects in this option: Afrikaans FAL, isiXhosa, French (for ‘immigrants’ only), Mandarin (for ‘immigrants’ only)
Most learners choosing Afrikaans Home Language do it because of their love of the written word, as well as the academic and/or personal challenge. Because of its very high literature requirements and the recurrence of English Home Language concepts and techniques, learners find that it benefits their study of English in particular, but also other subjects that require textual analysis and sociolinguistics. There is a good correlation between English A-candidates and Afrikaans Home Language.

Afrikaans HL is not exclusively for mother tongue speakers. It is really for those candidates who love literature and who wish to extend themselves academically. The subject also provides candidates with a boosted CV for university acceptance. Offering more than one language at Home Language level has become an important indicator to assess the academic potential and commitment when selecting students for ALL courses.

Learners taking Afrikaans HL as a subject will benefit from an all-round experience of the culture, a sound academic knowledge of the language, literature, visual literacy as well as textual analysis. Since our classes are somewhat smaller than other subjects, learners are met with plenty of personal attention and the course can be tailor made to suit individual needs.
A reasonably strong Afrikaans grounding is advisable as the examination requirements are exactly the same as for English Home Language.

Please note: Learners who choose Afrikaans Home Language in Grade 10 still have the option to move to Afrikaans First Additional Language after the July or November examinations in Grade 10 and after the July examination in Grade 11 should it be in their best academic interest.

Afrikaans First Additional Language (FAL)

Offered in Option 2

Other subjects in this option: Afrikaans HL, isiXhosa, French (for ‘immigrants’ only), Mandarin (for ‘immigrants’ only)
Afrikaans is a modern language with a simple grammar, phonetic spelling and a wealth of literature, music and cultural diversity. Afrikaans enables you to communicate in all regions within South Africa and it holds many benefits within the workplace. Even today, more non-mother tongue speakers understand Afrikaans than any other language in South Africa.
Afrikaans First Additional Language is offered in Option 2 and lies within the fundamental component of the NSC. The curriculum requirements for First Additional Languages are considerably higher than before and learners should know from the outset that First Additional Languages require consistent commitment throughout each year. The curriculum is structured to provide equal time for reading, speaking and writing the language. Learners are encouraged to communicate in their second language and also to be able to appreciate the literature and cultural aspects.