T he Housemaster is central to each boy’s overall wellbeing and development while he is at school. However, each grade in each House is a Tutor Group of 15 – 18 boys and is closely monitored by a Tutor, who is an academic member of staff. The Tutor meets with his/her Tutor Group once a week during a tutor period to discuss pertinent issues or to guide them through courses on ethics or leadership.

In addition to this, the Tutor spends an evening in the House each week to discuss and monitor the boys’ progress – this interaction is more individual. The Tutor should always be the parent’s first port of call with any concern about their son.

The Student Tutors play a vital role in the life of the school and one must not underestimate the potential impact that they can have on the lives of the boys. They are a diverse and exceptionally talented group of individuals who have made major contributions across many spheres of College life.

Student Tutors are constantly asked to balance their own academic commitments and their school commitments. They are expected to take responsibility for sporting teams, stand in for classes when teachers are away, invigilate exams, take prep and weekend duties in their respective houses, oversee the IT Labs each weeknight, get involved in outdoor activities (at times leading these groups or activities), and to generally take responsibility for the wellbeing of all the boys.