Wellness - St Andrew's College


T he well-being of our boys at St Andrew’s College is of paramount importance and it is for this reason that a strong pastoral base has been created, so that each boy has the opportunity to address problems timeously. The Housemaster and House Tutor are generally the first port of call for any emotional or academic issues that boys may be confronted with. If boys feel the need to speak to someone outside of the boarding house, the Wellness Team, consisting of the Head of Wellness, the School Chaplain and the School Psychologist are available to boys at all times.

The Wellness Team meets once a week to discuss any boys of concern and to develop an individualized plan to support and encourage boys. As well as offering emotional support, the Wellness Team also works closely with the Housemasters, Academic Staff and Coaches to ensure that each boy is taken care of in a holistic manner. If learning support and accommodations are required, the School Psychologist is on hand to make the necessary arrangements.

With the assistance of the House Tutor, each boy is encouraged to develop strong organizational and time-management skills, as well as taking responsibility for his own learning. Each House Tutor is on duty in the boarding house once a week and it is during this time that boys are encouraged to engage with their Tutor one-on-one. Boys are also expected to attend a Tutor Period each Friday where they are able to engage with other boys in the same grade and house as them, and speak about any social or academic issues that they may be confronted with as a group.

The physical health of our boys is monitored by two on-site Nursing Sisters at the school Sanatorium as well as the School Doctor who visits Sanatorium at the start of each day.

The Wellness Team is currently made up of:

Yvonne Lion-Cachet – Head of Wellness / Education Psychologist

Reverend Richard Wyngaard – Chaplain

Sister Heidi Scheepers – San Sister