Leadership - St Andrew's College


A t St Andrew’s College, we firmly believe that every boy has the potential to lead and that it is our duty to enhance and grow this potential by creating meaningful opportunities for boys to practice and develop leadership. The Leadership Programme at St Andrew’s is based on our fundamental values as a Christian Anglican Boys’ School in that we work to fulfil the vision of our founder Bishop John Armstrong that our boys remain “profitable members of Church and State”.

Our Leadership Programme is based on the notion that developing leadership skills is an ongoing process rather than a few isolated events. In understanding leadership, our boys first need to be taught to lead themselves and manage their lives.  The programme encompasses a whole school focus that adopts a holistic approach from Grade 8 – 12. It is cross-curricular and attempts to address current issues faced in leadership.  The programme attempts to engender the ‘soft skills’ in boys that true leadership requires: teaching boys what it is to be an honourable Andrean and man; making sure that all boys are happy and settled in this environment (regardless of differences); displaying the qualities that we hold true like care and compassion, humility, honesty, integrity and loyalty.