W e consider sport to be an important part of your son‘s education at St Andrew‘s College. Enjoyment, fun and satisfaction are primary purposes, while character, team work and camaraderie all develop in the sporting context and play an important role in social development. Sport also provides a host of community occasions over the course of the year which have the effect of knitting the school community together and enhancing its quality. College offers a wide range of games, ensuring that every boy will find a sport which suits his personality, interests and physique.

Our sports codes are divided into two groups: Major and Minor. The Major sports involve more frequent practice sessions and inevitably, inter-school competition on the weekends. Every boy is expected to play one Major sport initially, but many boys find that they can manage more than this. Grade 8 to 10 are expected to be involved in a Major and a Minor sport except in the case of Rowing, where time does not allow for involvement in a Minor sport.

There are a number of Minor sports which are available and also offer enjoyment and fulfilment. They generally have fewer training sessions and competition will often happen during the week or infrequently, on weekends. When an individual possesses exceptional talent in one of the Minor sports, he may request permission to focus his attention on that sport and do it as his Major sport.