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S t Andrew’s College offers a range of academic scholarships to boys in Grade 8 who are academically strong but also are talented all-rounders. These include the prestigious Boxer Scholarship, the Rev William Philip Scholarship, the Blackburn Scholarship, the Duthie Memorial Scholarship and the Cyril Houghton Scholarship.

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The Rhodes Scholarship

The Rhodes Scholarship to Oxford University

When Cecil John Rhodes founded his worldwide Scholarship scheme in 1902, he selected four South African schools as part of that scheme. The schools are St Andrew’s College in Grahamstown, Bishops and SACS in Cape Town and Paul Roos in Stellenbosch.

The Rhodes Scholarship generously funds study at Oxford University for two or three years. One has to be a very strong academic to be selected as a Rhodes Scholar, but the scholarship also has three other sets of criteria:

  • leadership and character
  • community involvement
  • sporting achievement

Any boy or girl who has studied at St Andrew’s College or DSG is eligible to apply for the Rhodes Scholarship after completing an undergraduate university degree.

St Andrew’s College and the Diocesan School for Girls are immensely privileged to be able to award a dedicated Rhodes Scholarship annually. We are two of just a handful of schools in South Africa (and the world) to have this honour and we need to cherish it. We are keen to attract high-quality applicants in significant numbers for this prestigious scholarship. We are also aware that many potential Rhodes Scholars self-exclude themselves for one reason for another.

The Rhodes Scholarship is special in that it is more than an academic award. High academic achievement is an essential feature (firsts and upper seconds in your degree), but selection committees consider this alongside an applicant’s leadership roles, social conscience, willingness to ‘fight the world’s fights’ and physical energy.


The Douglas Smith Scholarship to Cambridge University

Douglas Smith was appointed Cricket Professional at St Andrew’s College in 1904 and he continued coaching College cricketers until his death in 1949. A few years before his death he made arrangements for a bequest to fund a scholarship to Cambridge University along the same lines as the Rhodes Scholarship. This scholarship is only awarded approximately once every five years.

St Andrew’s College Boxer Scholars

2005 Jonathan Alan de Vrye
2006 Jonathan James Arnot
2007 William Hugh Alexander Cahill
2008 Christopher Daniel de Blocq van Scheltinga
2009 Jonathan Michael Gibbs
2010 Robert Charles Ball
2012 James Robert Lawson Wood
2013 Robert Patrick Quarmby

2014 Cameron Baillie Lovemore
2015 Andrew Gordon Coxwell
2016 Elliot Alexander Apps
2017 Miles Alexander Willian Jackson
2018 Michael Owen-Jones
2019 Sinjhun Cawse
2020 Alex Hutton
2021 Daniel Meihuizen

St Andrew’s College Rhodes Scholars

1903 Charles James Gardner
1904 Worthington Wynn Hoskin
1905 Waldermar Kjeldberg Flemmer
1906 Rupert Henry Williamson
1907 Stephanus Nicholas Cronje
1908 David Llewellyn Nicholas
1909 Lennox Ross Broster
1910 Harold Fehrsen Sampson
1911 William Frederick Skaife
1912 Ronald Fairbridge Currey
1913 Bevil Gordon D’Urban Rudd
1914 Guy William Holmes Nicholson
1914 Norman Eaton Macgregor
1915 John Seymour Denison Clarke
1916 Arnaud Ernest Mulder Jansen
1917 Arthur Peregrine Peperell Hutton
1918 Cyril Arnold Howell Green
1919 Felix John Oliver
1920 Leslie Andrew Rose-Innes
1921 Thomas Philippus Theron
1922 Gerald John Wevell
1923 Arthur Robert Mullins
1924 Edmund Maurice Brayshaw
1925 Humphrey Cuthbert Mullins
1926 John Vincent D’Alessio Rowley
1927 Thomas Witheridge Gubb
1928 George Frederick Bader
1929 Harland Rees
1930 John Vivian Oosthuizen
1931 Kingsley Ernest Driver
1932 Cave Donaldson Cruickshank
1933 Anthony Wreford Gubb
1934 Reginald Norman Mullins
1935 Charles James Laubscher
1936 Alec Tait-Knight
1937 Christopher Shand Gardner
1938 Colin Bennett
1939 Arthur William Little
1940 David Hannay Sampson
1941 Dermot Wyndam Lardner-Burke
1946 Peter Francis Daintree Wallis
1946 William Graham Boustred
1947 Donald Daniel Victor Kannemeyer
1948 Ian George Thomson
1949 Alexander David Ferguson
1950 Christopher John Lawson Griffith
1951 Paul Adrian Auchmuty Back
1952 David Pattullo Hodgson
1953 Michael St Leger Searle
1954 Robin Allan Plumbridge
1955 Murray John Kingston Biggs
1956 William Dieudonne Chalmers
1957 Ian Duncan-Brown
1958 David Lyndon van Coller
1960 Trevor Reveley Brown

1961 Stephen Walter Piers Meintjes
1963 Kennedy William Maxwell
1963 Peter Bertram Gradwell
1964 Robert John Anderson
1966 Lauchlan Glenn Black
1967 David Hugh Anderson
1968 Ronald Harold Forbes
1969 Thomas Dante Cloete
1970 Brian David Belchers
1971 David Stewart Walton
1972 Anthony Howard Brukman
1973 Charles Anthony Saner
1974 Andrew Duncan Judge
1975 Michael Anthony King
1978 John Helenius Maree
1979 Shaughan Hartley Cole
1981 Anthony William Still
1982 Timothy Andrew Nuttall
1983 Antony Charles Ball
1985 Philip Mark Clayton
1986 Andrew John Rolfe
1987 Andrew James McJannet
1989 Andrew John Essex la Trobe
1990 Christopher Francis Neale Todd
1992 Michael Carlo Faralla
1993 Anthony Kurt Bertram Norton
1994 David Paul Amm
1995 Mark Andrew Tindall
1996 Christopher Richard Kenyon
1997 Dougan Kelk McKellar
1998 Halvar Brereton Mathiesen
1999 Marisa Fassler
2000 Philipp Credé
2001 Kim Mathiesen
2002 Alison Mary Paterson
2003 No candidate
2004 Anthony Charles Knox
2005 Kathleen Lara Collett
2006 Philip Brian Southey
2007 Nicola Frances Palmer
2008 Andrew Craig
2009 Bronwyn Tarr
2010 Clive Eley
2011 David Brian Springer
2012 Elizabeth Nosizwe Vale
2013 No candidate
2014 Timothy James Abel
2015 No candidate
2016 William Hugh Alexander Cahill
2017 No candidate
2018 Aaron Graham
2019 Leila Strelitz (DSG)
2020 Emma Dreyer (DSG)
2021 Jemma Mary Houghton (DSG) Scholar Elect

St Andrew’s College Douglas Smith Scholars

1952 Eugene Charles Neser
1954 Roderick Sanders Walford Dowling
1957 Michael Patrick Jennett
1958 Peter Malcolm Searle
1960 Norman Douglas Alexander Hardie
1962 Ronald Arthur Gray Sommerville
1964 Thomas Maxwell
1966 John Arnold Kuys Jarvis
1968 John Mervyn Wingfield
1970 Richard Hugh Morton
1972 Richard Dennis Hudson
1974 Paul Julian Harper
1976 Robert John Ashcroft
1979 Antony Roy Clark
1983 Andrew Fergus Knight
1989 Timothy Edward Carson
1992 Graham John Bird
1994 William Grahame Rush
2000 Mark Charles Bilbe
2006 Nicholas Peter Marshall
2009 Geoffrey Richmond Wilmot
2014 Thomas Fitzpatrick Niven