Student Devices Required to Enhance Learning

“Enhancing teaching and learning through the intelligent use of cutting edge technology – This is the philosophy behind the St Andrew’s College Learning Technology Project, which turns the classroom into a lively, engaged, learning world-space. The use of tablet technology is revolutionizing classrooms worldwide.”

Tablet and laptop technology has an incredible impact on education. Tablet technology has transformed the classroom experience by allowing, amongst others, the ability to research facts instantaneously, the availability of multiple sources of information, e-book versions of locally relevant texts, the capacity to curate knowledge in various multi-media formats, and access to subject-specific apps. In a rapidly changing environment of continual innovation, the current leading brand in the educational market worldwide is considered the Apple iPad, although other suitable versions are available.

We require that Grade 8 –12 pupils bring their own tablet or laptop device.

Students may bring any device with a minimum specification of 32 GB storage plus WiFi. Devices should be between 5” – 15” in size to be sufficiently productive while remaining portable as possible. If you select a tablet, a keyboard is recommended. Battery life to last the school day is critical.

Students buying a new device choice may consider the following devices, although the final choice is up to you:

  • iPad range (mini iPad, iPad, iPad Pro)
  • MacBook range
  • Windows laptop
  • Chromebook laptop

The school will use Mobile Device Management software that will allow the ICT Department to regulate all devices on the school campus. This will be configured on the device at the start of the year.

For more detailed information and purchasing recommendations which may be updated from time to time, please revisit this page.