1:1 iPad Programme Information

What are the device requirements?

Grade 8 & Grade 9

All Grade 8 and Grade 9 pupils will be required to bring their own iPad as part of their prescribed “accessory” list for 2020.
While parents may choose from a range of iPad models, the following are the minimum specifications for the programme:
– iPad Mini 4 – 32GB with Wi-Fi
– iPad Air – 32 GB with Wi-Fi
We encourage boys to have their iPads in a cover of sorts and ask parents to ensure that iPads are insured. We also strongly recommend that when you purchase the iPad, you take out iCare Insurance as this is specifically tailored for breakage and even factors in two accidental drops!

Grade 10 – Grade 12

We require that Grade 10 – Grade 12 pupils bring their own tablet or laptop device in 2020.
Students may bring any device with a minimum specification of 32 GB storage plus WiFi. Devices should be between 5” – 13” in size to be sufficiently productive while remaining portable. If choosing a tablet, a keyboard is recommended. Battery life to last the school day is imperative. If you prefer an Apple iPad, Apple Macbook, Android device, Chromebook, or a Windows laptop, that is completely acceptable. It remains your choice.
– Students in the fourth year of the SAC 1:1 programme may continue with their iPad, while a keyboard is recommended.
– Students making a new device choice may choose:
o iPad range (mini iPad, iPad, iPad Pro)
o Macbook range
o Windows laptop
o Chromebook laptop

I cannot find the iPad Air for sale?

The iPad Air (generation 5) model is no longer for sale, but if your family already has one, this will be good enough.

If you are buying a new iPad, the equivalent base model is iPad (generation 6 or 7) 32GB with WiFi.
Any iPad with specifications greater than the minimum is acceptable.

Are there any recommended purchasing options?

There are many different ways for parents to get iPad deals, eg. with a cellphone contract, with Discovery points, with a FNB bank account, at Makro, etc., and parents should be encouraged to shop around.
The school has arranged two Special Offers for your consideration.

iStore Voucher

A 3% voucher for the iStore via ThinkAhead. This voucher would be redeemed in an iStore.
Register for the deal online: http://www.thinkahead.co.za/parent-offer/

Download the iStore brochure  iStore Parent Offer 2019

DigiCape Online Store

A 3% discount via the DigiCape Online Store. This discount would be redeemed online and the iPad shipped to you. The school has a relationship with Digicape, and parents are able to take advantage of online purchasing & delivery with discounted pricing. Digicape have launched a parent portal where the parents can access education pricing, bundle specials and the ease of online purchasing with free delivery.

For ease of use we have created 2 different portals which we believe will fulfil your needs

  • iPads only
  • iPads and MacBooks
    • Digicape suggests that orders be placed by 22 November the latest so that we can avoid any stock issues relating to the Christmas and back to school rush
    • As the portal is live the products will be updated as the pricing/products change and we cannot guarantee that the price/product they see one day will be the same the next especially with the iPad 6 going EOL and the launch of the iPad 7

Some parents will be concerned about purchasing the iPad 6 with the release of the iPad 7 being imminent – the only real difference between the two would be the size of the screen and that the iPad 7 is Smart Keyboard compatible.

Download the DigiCape brochure  Digicape Parent Offer 2019

Both retailers offer varying discounts of up to 10% on accessories such as iPad covers.
This is a deal between the parent and iStore or DigiCape. The school arranged an offer, but does not get involved in payments or shipments.

Should we get WiFi only, or WiFi + 3G?

The minimum requirement is WiFi only. The school provides access to WiFi in all the learning spaces and boarding spaces on campus. The use of 3G cards on campus is discouraged.
There are pros and cons to each option:
– Adding a 3G data card to an iPad increases the price of the device, plus you would need to activate a data SIM card.
– Having a 3G card offers the FindMyDevice option if the device is stolen and taken off campus.
– When a student uses their 3G data they bypass the school’s firewall protections, and parents should consider configuring further controls on the iPad to restrict access. When using the school’s WiFi these protections are in place.