Welcome to

St Andrew's College

Welcome to

St Andrew's College

Welcome to St Andrew's College

A school of welcome and belonging

The strong boarding house system at College is central to its ethos, and the six Houses are the magical environments in which life-long bonds and friendships are formed between College boys. The Andrean community is renowned for being supportive, enthusiastic and loyal, especially the generations of Old Andreans spanning the 167 year history of our school.

A school of wonder, learning and academic excellence

Curiosity and awe are fundamental to any child’s desire to learn and enjoy new experiences. Our world class educational facilities, highly qualified and experienced staff, and diverse range of subjects covering the arts, humanities, sciences and commercial subjects, provide each boy with the academic opportunity to excel. Our parallel curricula of the IEB and Cambridge A Levels examinations opens the door for each boy to pursue his dreams at a tertiary institution in South Africa or abroad.

A school of opportunity

While our priority is always academic and intellectual growth, we are committed to the holistic development of each Andrean. Boys love their sport and this is fundamental to their physical development and healthy lifestyle as well as vivid memories of epic encounters on the playing fields. Our clubs and societies provide a multitude of opportunities for boys to unpack and understand the human condition and accumulate emotional vocabulary. A genuine and sincere engagement with the community is imperative if a young man is to learn empathy and benefit from the spiritual growth of sharing and listening. Our extensive outdoor education programme, with the 21-day Fish River Journey being its flagship, is intended to inculcate in all our boys a respect for the environment and an appreciation of the rich natural world of which they are the guardians.

A school of pride and beauty

Whether it is in a service in the Chapel, an OA reunion dinner, Speech Day or a staff function, the sense of appreciation for the formative role that College has played in each person’s life is palpable. It is a pride driven by the beauty of the eclectic architecture, the lovingly manicured gardens and fields, the faithful Clock Tower with its chimes, but mostly by the beauty of each and every relationship formed and nurtured.

Mr. Aidan Smith

Interim Headmaster
Physical Science, Natural Science, 2001

BSc, HDE (UCT), BEd (Rhodes)

What sets us apart?

St Andrew’s College is one of the oldest full-time boys’ boarding schools in South Africa with a rich history, yet with a modern and progressive, forward thinking ethos. St Andrew’s College situated in the heart of the Eastern Cape enjoys a unique co-ordinate relationship with our neighbouring sister school, the Diocesan School for Girls (DSG). Classes are shared by boys and girls from Grade 10-12, while retaining the distinctive features of life in a boys’ school and a girls’ school. The resources and strengths of each school, and sound relationships, are optimised through co-operation and interaction.

We have an integrated wellness, mentorship and safeguarding programme which shows that our academics, sport, cultural and spiritual offerings are only part of what makes ‘College’ unique. The core of our school philosophy is Academic Excellence and we offer either the South African IEB (Independent Examination Board) Matric or Cambridge International A Level.

What truly set us apart is our St Andrew’s College lifestyle where friendships are formed for life and the boys are part of the brotherhood that networks them globally. Our community is all-embracing and diverse with pupils in our school from all parts of Africa and the world.

Our Family of Schools

St Andrew’s College (1855), St Andrew’s Preparatory School (1885) and The Diocesan School for Girls (1874) are historic, independent schools that are highly regarded for their excellence in all spheres of education.

The schools lie adjacent to Rhodes University, thereby forming a unique educational belt in the historical city of Makhanda (Grahamstown)

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Applying to St Andrew's College

Should you wish to apply for your son to attend St Andrew’s College, you may either complete the manual application, which is available for download, or
complete an online application.

No Admission fee is charged, however, we do recommend that you return the form as soon as possible. An Entrance Deposit is requested once the pupil has been accepted the year prior to entry.


Academic Scholarships for Boys in Grade 8

St Andrews offers a wide range of scholarships and bursaries and welcomes
applications for any one of the options on offer from pupils who fulfil the
criteria. St Andrews College seeks candidates who would further diversify and
enrich our innovative boarding school.