St Andrew’s College

Our commitment to developing outstanding young men with the confidence, initiative and skills to thrive in an ever-changing global landscape remains at the very heart of our approach.
Founded in 1855, St Andrew’s College in Makhanda (Grahamstown) is an innovative independent school. This premium Anglican boarding school caters for over 450 pupils from across the globe. From Grade 8 to Matric, pupils experience individual attention with a focus on fostering individual talent. The school is passionate about ensuring that each boy is schooled for life, develops character and strives to reach his full potential. The school motto is Nec Aspera Terrent (Difficulties do not dismay us) – this ideal of fearless acceptance of challenge sums up what the school aims to instil in its pupils as preparation for future life.
St Andrew’s College participates in a unique family of integrated learning with our sister school, the Diocesan School for Girls (DSG) and St Andrew’s Preparatory School. The central pillar of our approach is a strong academic focus, an aspect of the school that is encouraged and enabled by the close collaboration that we have with the Diocesan School for Girls. Classes are shared by boys and girls from Grade 10-12, while retaining the distinctive features of life in a boys’ school and a girls’ school. The resources and strengths of each school, and sound relationships, are optimised through co-operation and interaction.
St Andrew’s College, DSG and St Andrew’s Preparatory School are happy, closely connected schools where pupils thrive in a vibrant and safe environment, supported by a foundation of excellence and Christian values.

The Boy in You

‘I hope you will always be true to the boy in you.’ With these words Jan Hofmeyr, one of South Africa’s most gifted political leaders, summed up his address at St Andrew’s College Speech Day in 1929 and identified the theme that has run like an unbroken thread through the life of the school during the century and a half of its existence. Be true to yourself and remember that who you are springs from the boy within you.
~ Dr Marguerite Poland, Author of “The Boy in You: A Biography of St Andrew’s College, 1855 – 2005”