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The Cawse Library

The Cawse Library is run by a qualified librarian and an assistant. It is fully computerised and pupils have access to the Internet and our own Intranet for research purposes.
Academic Facilities

The David Wynne Music School

The David Wynne Music School is shared with DSG. It consists of a concert room, five teaching rooms and 12 practice rooms. Here the wind orchestra, the jazz band, the chamber orchestra, the string and brass quartets and the chapel and chamber choir practice and prepare for their performances.
Academic Facilities

The Art Department

The Art Department has well equipped senior and junior art studios as well as an audio-visual room where History of Art is taught.
Academic Facilities

The Design and Technology Centre

The Design and Technology Centre is widely recognised as one of the finest in the Southern Hemisphere. In a sense it is the intellectual nerve-centre of the school and activities conducted in the Centre are focused on cross-curricular work and creative thinking. The building has an extraordinary "cutting-edge" atmosphere to which pupils respond with resourcefulness and ingenuity when faced with a range of problems.
Academic Facilities

The IT Labs

130 computer terminals are linked by a network and the computer rooms have two full-time information technology teachers and a network manager. On-line facilities exist for teachers and pupils to find resources for their subjects and assignments. A range of projects, from research to presentations and programming, is undertaken. The extensive network encourages collaboration between the pupils of St Andrew’s and DSG, and those of other schools. Email provides for a social and communicative aspect of computer usage and each boy, on acceptance to College, is given an email address.
Academic Facilities

Centenary Hall

The Centenary Hall was designed by Herbert McWilliams (OA 1923) and was built in a spectacular hurry in order to be ready for the Centenary Celebrations in 1955. It is in this beautiful hall that we have our weekly assembly's, host drama productions and write exams.
Academic Facilities

Science Laboratories

We have six Life Science and Physical Science Laboratories.