A s the original building of College, Upper House has many unique claims. Among these is the fact that it incorporates the Antony Clark Andrean Resource Centre. With its gothic windows and lofty proportions, this was the school’s original chapel, complete with stained glass windows of 17th century German origin. Later, as “College Hall”, this room also served as the school dining room, the library, house common room and, most recently, as the Upper Grade 8 Prep Room. For several decades Upper really was the place “where all St Andrew’s worshipped, worked and fed”.

The buildings of Upper House tenaciously hold on to one vexing secret: where is the foundation stone of the school?

Gerry Posthumus


I joined St Andrew’s College in 2011 when I moved from Wynberg Boys’ High School where I had taught for 9 years after completing my studies at the University of Cape Town where I first completed a B Comm in Information Systems before making the decision to change my career path and head into teaching. I completed my PGCE in 2002 and have never looked back.

I grew up in Cape Town where I went to Wynberg Boys’ High School and thoroughly enjoyed my time at school. I threw myself wholeheartedly into all aspects of school life, but it was particularly on the sports field where I found my passion. I participated in Rugby, Cricket and Swimming and would never miss an opportunity to be outside on the sports field, a trend that holds true even now in my life. I took up coaching at a young age coaching both back at Wynberg and also at UCT, where I was given an early opportunity.

On arrival at St Andrew’s College I joined Graham House as a Tutor before moving to Espin as a Deputy Housemaster. It was not long before I returned to Graham House as the Housemaster of Van Der Riet House a position that I held for 5 years and shaped a lot of my thinking. I am thus very excited to be in the position of Housemaster of Upper. I still continue to teach Mathematics both to the IEB and CIE students as well as spending my afternoons coaching Cricket, Rugby and Golf.

My role in the house is to create an environment that will nurture and drive each boy to achieve his full potential at the College. This is achieved with the help of my excellent team of staff, from Matron to Tutors that really care and look after the boys. In our interactions with the boys we always try to provide an ear for them to talk to in order to develop a relationship outside of the classroom, engage with them on meaningful issues and most importantly lead by example.