A s the original building of College, Upper House has many unique claims. Among these is the fact that it incorporates the Antony Clark Andrean Resource Centre. With its gothic windows and lofty proportions, this was the school’s original chapel, complete with stained glass windows of 17th century German origin. Later, as “College Hall”, this room also served as the school dining room, the library, house common room and, most recently, as the Upper Grade 8 Prep Room. For several decades Upper really was the place “where all St Andrew’s worshipped, worked and fed”.

The buildings of Upper House tenaciously hold on to one vexing secret: where is the foundation stone of the school?

Mandy Ladds


I was born in the Eastern Cape and attended Riebeek College Girls High School in Uitenhage. I completed my B.A.Ed. (Human Movement Science) and my B.Ed. (Hons) in School Management and Leadership at Nelson Mandela University. I have taught at local schools in Port Elizabeth and spent a year in Buckinghamshire, UK, teaching Humanities and Geography A levels.

Before joining St Andrew’s College, I was on the Senior Management team and taught for 12 years at St Dominic’s Priory in Port Elizabeth. I am married to Paul, and we have a son, Matthew, at College, and my daughter, Amy is at DSG. I enjoy my interactions with the boys in Upper House and I hope to bring a diverse and inclusive perspective to the boarding structure and leadership at College.

All the boys in our duty of care should feel safe and that they belong, and I aim to ensure that all the boys have a happy and memorable journey while in Upper House and at St Andrew’s College.