Mullins House

O pened in 1921, Mullins was considered very smart and comfortable, not only because of the characteristic elegance of its Kendall design, but also because it had running water and electric lights from the start! But then, there always has been something special about “The Republic of Mullins”.

Situated as it is at some distance from the centre of the campus, it has developed its own special practices and a spirit of independence.

Mr Simon Holderness


My wife Jane and I have three daughters named Abigail, Lucy and Rosalie plus the 78 adopted sons that create the heartbeat of Mullins. Learn more

Mr Andrew Renard

Deputy Housemaster

Andrew and Cindy Renard moved into Holland House at the start of 2012 after joining St Andrew’s in 2007. Andrew teaches English and is Head of Advanced Programme English while Cindy is attached to Prep as the Director of the Children’s Arts Festival. Learn more