Merriman House

T he great awkward double story house which once stood where the graceful Merriman House now stands belonged to a Mrs Thackray who sold it to Canon R.J. Mullins as extra accommodation for his Institution. He did not use it, however, but leased it to St Andrew’s in 1882. It was named ‘St Andrew’s House’ and here Professor Matthews’ survey students took up residence.

Merriman has always been considered an academic House and has an admirable record in academic and cultural pursuits.

Among the eminent old boys of Merriman is former Judge President of the Cape Division, Edwin King, whose school boy antics were as legendary for their mischief as his judgements are distinguished for their wisdom; Surgeon Rear Admiral Ronald Snow and Rear Admiral Kenneth Snow – both of whom served on the Royal Yacht Britannia, distinguished academic and former Acting Master of Yale in the United States, Murray Biggs; sculptor John Gardiner; explorer, author and mountaineer Richard Hudson. Merriman has produced no less than 11 sportsmen who hold national colours – in gymnastics, hockey, powerboat racing, canoeing, aeronautics, shooting and equestrian.

Mr Craig Cuyler


My wife, Jackie and I, have two daughters named Isabella and Julia and we share our lives with the 82 young men who make up Merriman House. Learn more