I n 1963 Graham House became the 6th boarding house at St Andrew’s College, this after it had been a Day House. Mr Roger Clark, father of former Headmaster Mr Antony Clark was the first Housemaster and Mr Neil Street was elected as the first Head of House.

In 2013 Graham House celebrated its 50th anniversary. All of the boys in the House were presented with a commemorative tie.

The courtyard of Graham House, with its big oak trees, the rockery covering the well and the rough stonework of the arches, is one of the most pleasant corners of College. The bell for evening prayers echoes in this space and rugby balls whiz across it in free time.

Generations of boys have played in this quad, but for only 50 years have they been Graham House boys. In the late 1800s the pupils of the Mullins Institution lived and worked here and developed many of the physical features that survive today.

In 1963 Graham became the sixth fully fledged boarding house at College, although it had acquired its name in 1953 when it was established as a feeder newboy house for the senior houses. In 1963, 75 boys were drawn from the other five houses, while Day House was dissolved and its members evenly distributed. It must have been an interesting breed of boy who chose to make the move; to forego old loyalties and comforts for the challenge of something new. To this day in Graham, interesting individuals flourish and unconventional boys find their niche.


Mr Ernest Sykes


I have been a member of the St Andrew’s College team since 2015, teaching Chemistry in both the IEB and Cambridge A Level programmes as well as Natural Sciences. I was schooled at Nico Malan HS and went on to attain a BSc, BSc (Hons) and a PGCE from Stellenbosch University. Upon graduation, I went to the UK where I spent eight years on the staff of The King’s School, Canterbury. While there, I taught Biology and Chemistry for the GCSE and A Level programmes. I coached rugby, cricket, rowing and football while at The King’s School and also undertook leadership training for the Lower Sixth for six years. I was Deputy Housemaster for 6 years. In 2013, I returned to South Africa where I served for two years at HLS Marlow in Cradock, teaching Physical Sciences and Mathematics. I joined St Andrew’s in 2015 and have fulfilled several roles in my eight years at College. I was a Tutor in Upper and then Ingleside Housemaster (and Deputy Housemaster of Armstrong) before joining Graham House as Housemaster at the start of 2024. I am married to Riëtte, and we have three sons, all currently thriving in Grades 2, 6, and 7 at Prep.

The location of Graham House, slightly removed from the busyness of 'rush,' is one of its outstanding characteristics. The courtyard, with its big oak trees, the rockery covering the well and the rough stonework of the arches, is one of the most pleasant corners of College. The calmness of its surroundings is also evident within the boarding house walls. For many years, Graham has been a place where individual boys are allowed to flourish, and unconventional boys find their niche – a space where every boy is seen. Areas such as the Quiet Room and Reading Room speak volumes about the house's culture. Together with the other house staff and the student leadership team, we strive to help boys discover and develop their unique talents to the highest level.

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