Good Shepherd School

T he Good Shepherd School is on the site where St Andrew’s College boys first attended classes, sharing the schoolroom which the Cathedral Grammar School dedicated. Over the last 131 years, the school has evolved into a highly functional Anglican state school located on private property, which is open to all. St Andrew’s College has regular contact with the Good Shepherd School, with weekly activities like academic extension, sports coaching, computer literacy, art and music. The teachers at the Good Shepherd School share in staff development opportunities with St Andrew’s Prep. We run an outdoor education programme at our Bush Camp, and pupils and staff of the Good Shepherd School enjoy these special events with us. The relationship is vibrant, mutually beneficial and looks to the future, while acknowledging the challenges of the past. We are blessed to be part of the Good Shepherd Trust, which looks after the children’s best interests at the Good Shepherd School, as well as the broader Grahamstown community.

St Matthew’s High School Programme

In 1855, Bishop Armstrong founded St Matthew’s Mission, which grew into one of the most well-known schools in the rural Eastern Cape. In celebration of our shared heritage as Anglican foundations, St Andrew’s College and St Matthew’s regularly participate in a shared programme of different interactions. This includes reciprocal day exchanges of pupils and staff, sporting and cultural contacts, and a week-long residential project where College boys live and work at the school. We are also partnered with St Chad’s College of the Durham University and their placement of volunteers in combined projects, including one at St Matthew’s. We also share a partnership with Sifunda Kunye, an organisation that works to improve the quality of education using information technology and literacy projects. This has broadened the scope of our interactions to include a further five schools in the Amatola district.

Holy Cross

Holy Cross School is a primary school near The Monastery, offering Grades R to 4, with most of their pupils coming from surrounding farms. Groups of St Andrew’s College pupils have spent time at the Holy Cross School, doing hard manual labour. This work is not for the feeble, as the ground seems to have more rock than soil. Nevertheless, the boys have managed to dig six trenches and plant three trees thus far. The children at the school are very thankful as they will soon be able to build their veggie garden and sit in the shade.

Children Helping Children – Ikayalosizo Orphanage Home:

We are currently helping six children at Ikayalosizo Orphanage Home. Each St Andrew’s College boarding House raises funds, which are then donated to Ikayalosizo (R2500 per child), and our boys also arrange birthday celebrations for the children that we support, in partnership with Child Welfare.

Eluxolweni – Boys Orphanage Home:

Pupils from St Andrew’s College visit Eluxolweni for our Monday clubs, and organise House projects where our boys play games with the children that live there. Each Boarding House has to organise one House Project per term.