T he Good Shepherd School is on the site where St Andrew’s College boys first attended classes, sharing the schoolroom which the Cathedral Grammar School dedicated. Over the last 131 years, the school has evolved into a highly functional Anglican state school located on private property, which is open to all. St Andrew’s College has regular contact with the Good Shepherd School, with weekly activities like academic extension, sports coaching, computer literacy, art and music. The teachers at the Good Shepherd School share in staff development opportunities with St Andrew’s Prep. We run an outdoor education programme at our Bush Camp, and pupils and staff of the Good Shepherd School enjoy these special events with us. The relationship is vibrant, mutually beneficial and looks to the future, while acknowledging the challenges of the past. We are blessed to be part of the Good Shepherd Trust, which looks after the children’s best interests at the Good Shepherd School, as well as the broader Grahamstown community.