24 4 Smiley ☺:

2 4 4 🙂 is a St Andrew’s College community engagement project which Grade 11 pupils organise. It is a 24-hour run/walk event that takes place on Lower Field. The objective is to raise funds and awareness of orphans and vulnerable children. It is named after Stuart ‘Smiley’ van Oldenborgh, who was killed tragically in an aircraft accident in his Grade 9 year in 2011. It is an annual event in which people celebrate the lives of people they have lost.

G-Town Funk:

A talent show fundraiser between St Andrew’s College and the Diocesan School for Girls (DSG), where boys and girls showcase their talents while raising funds for Community Engagement projects.

Valentine’s Day Roses:

This is an Espin House fundraising project where boys buy roses for girls from our sister school, DSG to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Funds raised on this project assist a local charity selected by the Espin House boys each year.