Supporting Our Community


C ommunity Engagement is an essential part of life at St Andrew’s College. With our boarding school situated in the heart of the Eastern Cape, we are proud that our school and boys are embedded in the community economically, geographically and socially. However, as in so many South African cities, impoverished and unemployed townsfolk are a significant component of our community.

It is vital for our boys to empathise with people afflicted by unemployment and poverty or who are less fortunate than they are. Our extensive and diverse range of activities offers boys the opportunity to engage in a meaningful way with the community and make a lasting contribution.

Interact Club

The Interact Club is an international organization created to enable the learners of schools to help their community. Here in Makhanda we have joined the ICoG (Interact Clubs of Grahamstown). The Interact Club is in partnership with 7 other schools in Makhanda in order to work together and engage with helping our community.

The club members are dedicated to finding ways of helping the needy, reducing hunger, and promoting health care, in addition to preserving the diversity of life on Earth and preventing environmental degradation. To achieve these aims, we work in tandem with the community to provide environmental information, attract the public's attention, and raise funds through service projects and activities with other schools which will help benefit our community.

It's not all work though, we also have fun! Our meetings are informal, and we plan to have monthly socials where members get together.