In order to carry out its work effectively and efficiently, Council has established a number of sub-committees, the membership of which includes both Council members and independent  members. The Committees are mandated to discuss matters in details and to make recommendations to Council. The meeting schedule of the Committees is co-ordinated with that of Council, and the minutes of all Committee meetings are included in the Council documentation.  The Committees of Council are as follows:

Nominations Committee     

The Nominations Committee supports Council in building its composition in experience, qualifications, diversity and skills to reflect the key stakeholders of our community and to successfully meet the challenges facing St Andrew’s College and Prep.

Mr Malcolm MacKenzie chairs the Committee while Dr Fenella Johns, Mr Jacko Maree and Mr Mila Mafanya are members. 

Risk and Compliance Committee   

A Risk and Compliance Committee of Council is being established to effectively manage, mitigate and monitor all known and anticipated non-financial risks that may face College now and in the future.

The Committee will also ensure that the school has the means and capacity to comply with all legal and regulatory requirements, and that all internal processes are aligned to the relevant policies.  

The Committee’s full Terms of Reference can be found here (hyperlinked).

Grounds and Buildings Committee  

All major capital, development and maintenance projects on campus are prioritised and managed through the Grounds and Buildings Committee.

The Committee is chaired by Mr Neels Heunis, with Mr John Dovey as a member. 

Human Resources Committee   

The Committee is tasked to ensuring good governance of  the Human Resources       strategies, policies and procedures required to meet the school’s institutional requirements, and to fulfil its statutory obligations. The Committee is concerned with employee relations, staff development and training, and equality and diversity in respect of staff.

The Committee is chaired by Mr Tando Mkosi, while Mr Jacko Maree and Mr Ross Marriner (an independent member) are members of the Committee.   

Transformation and Diversity Committee     

The Committee oversees and monitors the operational aspects of the school’s transformation and diversity strategy,  and provides assurance to Council that these items are being effectively delivered.

This Committee is chaired by Mr Jacko Maree and Mrs Lindy Sutherland is a member of the committee. Two Old Andreans also serve on this Committee –Mr Thomas Avutia and Mr Mncedisi Jekwa – and Mr Xolani Majola is an independent consultant.

Scholarships and Bursaries Committee  

The Scholarships & Bursaries Committee is accountable for the oversight of the approval and disbursement of scholarships and bursaries funding at St Andrew’s College and Prep. The Committee has oversight of the available funds from both endowed investments and current donations, and ensures that awards are allocated in the prescribed manner to deserving pupils. The Committee reviews the scholarships and bursaries procedures and makes recommendations for change where necessary.     

The Scholarships and Bursaries Committee is chaired by Mr Jacko Maree, while Mr Simon White is a member.

Investment Committee

Th Investment Committee is responsible for the oversight of the performance of the funds in which the school’s endowed funds are invested.

This committee is chaired by an independent professional, Mr Ed Southey. Mr Jacko Maree and Mr Simon White are members on the Committee, while other independent members are Mr Geoff Jennett, Mr Gavin Harvey and Mr Simon Ridley.

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee, which is still to be established, will oversee the school’s financial risk management and internal control framework. It will ensure good governance of all matters relating to the finances of St Andrew’s College.