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Cambridge A Levels

Cambridge A Levels

Overview of Cambridge International

Cambridge International is the world’s largest provider of international education programmes and qualifications. Cambridge International A Levels are highly regarded internationally and accepted as equivalent to UK A Levels, offering rigorous, in-depth, advanced study in areas of particular interest.

Every year thousands of learners with Cambridge International AS & A Levels gain places at leading universities worldwide, including the UK, USA (including Ivy League universities), European nations, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and South Africa.



Why Cambridge International?

We offer a Cambridge International A Levels stream as an alternative to the IEB
Matric. It is structured as a two-year course, starting with the AS Level in the
first year (Grade 11), and extended to the A Level in the second year (Grade 12).
We offer Cambridge International qualifications through a Cambridge Associate.

The purpose of offering the A Levels stream is:
• To allow our pupils the opportunity to apply for and be accepted to the
international universities of their choice.
• To stretch and enrich our top pupils academically, through more advanced,
rigorous and in-depth study in areas of particular interest.

Both the IEB Matric and Cambridge International A Levels are highly regarded worldwide. While A Levels provide easier access to international universities, the IEB Matric is more suitable for applying to South African universities.