The Grahamstown launch of Marguerite’s latest novel, A Sin of Omission, took place in the St Andrew’s College Chapel and in the Andrean Resource Centre on Saturday 23 November 2019.

Dr Marguerite Poland was in conversation with Mr Aidan Smith, Second Master of St Andrew’s College, in the College Chapel. The venue was supremely significant as it was literally on the exact ground where the Anglican Institution buildings stood at which the protagonist of the novel, Reverend Stephen Malusi Mzamane, was educated.

The real life story of Stephen was told to Marguerite when she was 14 years old, and the novel has gestated since then. A series of remarkable coincidences, serendipitous discoveries and extensive research led to the writing of the novel, which is a painfully moving account of the conflict that the young Anglican missionary experiences reconciling his deep amaNgqika roots with the colonial Anglican vows that he is expected to uphold.

The Chapel was packed with appreciative friends and admirers, and they were treated to Marguerite’s inimitable storytelling style, beautifully expressed anecdotes, and the meticulously detailed historical background which informed the writing of the novel.

For Marguerite it was a profoundly meaningful and special book launch.

“Stephen is home”.