Applying to St Andrew’s College

As an Anglican all-boys’ school, St Andrew’s College embraces and values diversity. We are cognisant and respectful of South Africa’s particular context, with its history of exclusion, legalised racial segregation and discrimination, and the continual effect this has had on all its citizens. We believe that all people are created in the image of God and therefore should be treated with dignity and respect, and we are duty bound to be inclusive and mindful of diversity in all our policies, programmes, classrooms, and interactions. We strive to create an environment of inclusivity through these principles. We respect and affirm the dignity of each member of our community.
Should you wish to apply for your son to attend St Andrew’s College, please complete the application. Before proceeding, please ensure that you have scanned copies of the following saved on your laptop/PC/tablet/iPad/cellphone:

  1.   A copy of the last two reports from the Pupil’s present school if the application is for this year or next
  2.   1 colour passport type photo of the Pupil – ONLY if the application is for this year or next
  3.   Photocopies of the front page of the IDs /Passport of both parents/guardians.
  4.   A copy of the Pupil’s unabridged birth certificate /or proof of requesting a copy, ID & passport.
  5.   A copy of a utility bill not older than three months (for each parent if residing at separate addresses).
  6.   A copy of latest school fee account.
  7.   In the case of a divorce, a certified copy of the divorce order regarding custody and the person responsible for fees must be provided.
  8.   In the case of a guardian / caregiver being responsible for the Pupil and / or fees, please supply full details of this arrangement and supporting official certified documentation.

Please be advised that completing this form does NOT ensure that your child has a place at St Andrew’s College. When a place is offered, you will be required to complete and sign the Contract of Enrolment.
Please Note: No Admission fee is charged. We do recommend that you return the form as soon as possible. An Entrance Deposit is requested once the pupil has been accepted the year prior to Complete an Application

Online Admissions Application Form