Music - St Andrew's College


O ur vibrant Music Department is known for the diversity of genres on offer. The main areas of study for Subject Music are Performance, Theory/Composition and Listening. The use of technology plays an integral role and we have a well-equipped music studio and composition lab.

A wide variety of instruments are on offer, ranging from bass guitar to double bass, piano to oboe, singing to marimba. Central to the music programme are several ensembles: The Wind Orchestra is the oldest and the more experienced players from this group feed into the Jazz band, which is a smaller and requires a high level of expertise. The Senior Orchestra is made up of a large string section, with winds, brass and percussion. The Marimba Band is the fourth instrumental ensemble. The Chapel Choir forms the core of the long choral tradition at the schools, serving in the chapel and joining with the DSG Chapel Choir on certain occasions through the year. A Chamber Choir is made up of around 14 senior boys and girls.

The music school is privileged to have a highly skilled staff with 8 full time teachers and a team of part time teachers whose expertise covers a wide range of instruments and styles. As well as the traditional instrumental study which forms the foundation to musical learning, our up to date computer programmes and studio equipment allow for learning in the wider world of music – recording and sequencing.