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Frequently Asked Questions

1Q: Who can take Mandarin?
A: Pupils who took Mandarin as SAL or FAL when they were in Grade 8.
2Q: Can a native Mandarin-speaking pupil take this subject? Is h/she qualified to write the IEB Mandarin SAL examination?
A: Yes. He or she do take and write it as an IEB matriculation subject.
3Q: Will the pupils write characters for the exam papers?
A: Yes. There will be two papers, Paper One and Paper Two. Pinyin will be provided with the texts in the papers. Paper One is on Reading and Viewing Language. In Paper Two (Writing Presenting Language), pupils are required to write characters. It involves writing narrative/descriptive, transactional texts and so on.
4Q: I am a South African pupil being overseas over 3 years, can I write Mandarin when I matriculate?
A: Yes. A South African pupil who have been overseas over 3 years. He or she, however, needs to apply to be exempted from doing FAL in Option 2.
5Q: I am not a South African pupil. Can I write Mandarin SAL?
A: Yes, you can. Pupils of other nationalities can write Mandarin SAL with exemption of FAL (First Additional Language)