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Frequently Asked Questions

1Q: Do the FAL students write the same examination in Matric as the SAL pupils?
A: Yes
2Q: How much of the French syllabus is oral based?
A: We focus primarily on the written component of the subject as their final 2 exams comprise of a written paper and a comprehension based exam. The oral component of the language counts for 1/4 of the final matric mark.
3Q: Does DSG and SAC offer external examinations?
A: Yes, we run DELF twice a year where the students can be accessed via an internationally recognized examination system. For the top achievers we also have the option of sitting the Cambridge examination.
4Q: Are there tutors readily available for students who are struggling?
A: Yes, we work closely with the French department at Rhodes university each year to get qualified post-graduate students to help assist pupils who require some extra help.
5Q: Can one do French as an 8th subject?
A: Yes, however this would require a great deal of self-motivation and self-study as there would only be 2 lessons per week of an hour each. In order to stick to the syllabus the pace would be fast and the demand, large. (Note: this would be an additional cost)