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T he importance of Design in today’s world can be well explained by asking the following question: “How many existing things can you name that have not been designed and made by somebody?

Because we live in a ‘made world’, the study of specific knowledge, skills and values to deal with that reality is important, primarily so that we can contribute towards making the world a better place to live in. Design offers students this vital opportunity at secondary school level to assist in making wise choices for further study and career choices. Design is a creative, intellectual, problem-solving process involving problem/opportunity identification, planning, research, innovation, conceptualisation, prototyping, communication and critical reflection. This process typically results in environments, systems, services and products that may be unique or intended for mass production, hand-crafted or produced by mechanical and/or electronic means. Design is concerned with issues of purpose, functionality and aesthetics in shaping the social, cultural and physical environments for tomorrow.
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