Subject Choice: Design

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Frequently Asked Questions

1Q: Does Design count for university points and entry?

A: Design does count towards the points, but different Universities, and different faculties have differing specific requirements. We do not know of any University course that does not count the points for Design specifically, but one needs to confirm this with universities of choice and with the courses that a student may be interested in studying in future, especially if it is not a mainstream field of study that they may be interested in.

2Q: What does it mean that Design is not a designated subject?

A: Design is not a ‘designated’ subject because it is a new subject, and this only has implications in qualifying for University entrance to a Bachelors Degree. The minimum requirements to qualify for entrance to a Bachelors Degree are passing:

  1. English or Afrikaans Home Language with 40%
  2. 2 subjects with a minimum of 30%
  3. 4 subjects from the designated list with a minimum of 50%

So, the only danger here is that if a student only achieves 4 subjects above 50% in his/her final results, and one of them is Design, then it won’t count and he/she will not get entrance to study a Bachelors degree.

Design, as a non-designated subject, has established itself and is up for review in the near future and may well be added to the designated list before long.

Since 2008, many children have taken Design and not one that we know of has been prejudiced in terms of the result for Design not counting towards Admission Points to university study. Several of our design students have gained entry into overseas universities to study design related degree courses and in some cases have even had the compulsory six month foreign student orientation requirement waived, due to the quality of their portfolio work.

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