Subject Choices for Grade 10-12

Considerations to assist you to make informed subject choices.

This section gives an overview of the choices, constraints and impacts of Subject Choices for Grade 9’s for their Grade 10-12 years, along with more detail on each individual subject. Please visit each subject page on the right to review videos, slides and frequently asked questions, and download the full Subject Choice Booklet.

Subject Choice Booklet 2020

The school has also provided access to the excellent Go Study website, which provides a comprehensive Career guidance resource, linking career interests with relevant study courses and tertiary institutions. Click on the Go Study logo to visit the site:


In the video below, Jane Jarvis, the DSG educational psychologist, gives an overview of the available subject choices.


Subjects by Option Group

Click on a link to view more about that subject.

Option 2
Option 3
Option 4
Option 5
Option 6
Additional Cambridge A Level Courses

Subject Choice Form

Once you have reviewed all the information, please log in to the myCollege Parent Portal under the Forms menu and complete and submit the form to us before 4 September 2019.