The main aims of the Department are:

  • to equip pupils with the ability to write and speak confidently;
  • to instil a love of literature and the English language;
  • to encourage critical thinking skills;
  • to prepare candidates for the IEB examinations.

On a purely practical level, it is vitally important for pupils to be able to listen attentively and speak confidently. All subjects are enhanced by the ability to read with understanding and comprehension, and the skill of writing and presenting work accurately, succinctly and logically will be of great importance throughout a pupil’s working life and beyond. Although a sound understanding of the mechanics of language may seem less useful, this knowledge strengthens the ability to express oneself successfully.

There can be little doubt that English is the most useful world language. Most pupils will proceed to tertiary education and the ability to communicate in English is invaluable at tertiary institutions, even if English is not the medium of instruction.

Beyond these practical considerations is the importance of English as a means of cultural expression. Many of the greatest works of literature are written in English. Even a cursory knowledge of the great novels, dramas and poems plays a role in making us civilised beings. The study of literature not only puts us in touch with our inner emotions. It also encourages us to think and when we learn to think for ourselves, our real education starts.