D rama is a social art form which integrates visual, aural, physical, kinaesthetic and performance elements to communicate, explore, reflect on and enhance human experience. The subject Dramatic Arts encompasses a range of performance modes across a variety of media and within a diversity of cultural and social contexts. It develops and promotes human creativity as a rich, diverse and productive resource through dramatic communication, interaction and representation.

The skills gained in the subject prepare the students for careers which focus on communication and interaction with people. Law, management, advertising, marketing, public relations, medicine, journalism, psychology and social work are just a few of the careers, which need good communicators. Although it is not the main aim of the department to train students for the stage and screen, many have found success in the professional fields of the performing arts, especially in the film métier.

Our department is privileged to be in Grahamstown where the National Arts Festival is held. The First Physical Theatre Company and Rhodes University Drama Department are in close proximity to our schools so we are able to draw on the experience and professional input from guest lecturers.