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Cambridge A Levels

C ambridge International is the world’s largest provider of international education programmes and qualifications. Cambridge International A Levels are highly regarded internationally and accepted as equivalent to UK A Levels, offering rigorous, in-depth, advanced study in areas of particular interest. Every year thousands of learners with Cambridge International AS & A Levels gain places at leading universities around the world, including those in the UK, USA (including Ivy League universities), European nations, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and South Africa.

We offer a Cambridge International A Levels stream as an alternative to the IEB Matric. It is structured as a two-year course, starting with the AS Level in the first year (Grade 11), and extended to the A Level in the second year (Grade 12). We offer Cambridge International qualifications through a Cambridge Associate.

The purpose of offering the A Levels stream is:

  • To allow our pupils the opportunity to apply for and be accepted to the international universities of their choice.
  • To stretch and enrich our top pupils academically, through more advanced, rigorous and in-depth study in areas of particular interest.

Both the IEB Matric and Cambridge International A Levels are highly regarded worldwide. While A Levels provide easier access to international universities, the IEB Matric is more suitable for applying to South African universities.


A Levels Application Form 2023

A Levels Subject Choice Booklet 2023

Frequently Asked Questions About A Levels

Fees for 2022: R18 000 per annum or R6 000 per term.

St Andrew’s College online presentation on the Cambridge International A Levels Stream, explaining what the A Levels stream is and how it works. Click on the video below:

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Cambridge International Examinations (Private Candidates)

St Andrew’s College is a Cambridge Associate Examination Centre, and we welcome private candidates from the Eastern Cape to register to write their Cambridge examinations at St Andrew’s College, in either May/June or October/November of each year.

Private candidates wishing to register to write their Cambridge examinations at St Andrew’s College should follow the link below to the online registration form. Further information, costs, and terms and conditions are included on the registration form.

Online Registration

Deadlines for registration for 2023 examinations are as follows:

May/June 2023:                      13 February 2023
October/November 2023:   28 July 2023


We offer the following Cambridge AS/A Level subjects:

English Language                    Afrikaans (IGCSE)        isiZulu (IGCSE)             French

English Literature                   Mathematics                  Biology                            Chemistry

Physics                                       Geography                      History                            Art & Design



  • Pupils take five or six subjects in Grade 11 (AS Level) and carry three or four subjects forward in Grade 12 (A Level).
  • Grade 11 subjects (AS Level) should be selected carefully to fulfil the requirements for South African university exemption.
  • Once pupils have started on the A Level stream, they will not be able to change back to the IEB Matric.
  • All pupils on the A Levels stream are expected to play a full part in the life of the school.

Subject Choices (AS/A Level unless stated)

Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group 4
English Language Afrikaans (IGCSE) Mathematics Art & Design
isiZulu (IGCSE) Biology
French Chemistry
English Literature

Grade 11 subject choices are based on requirements for exemption for SA universities:

Grade 11 (AS Level / IGCSE)

  • Pupils take five subjects: one subject from each of Groups 1, 2 and 3, and two subjects from Group 4.
  • Group 4 subjects will be clustered in three options, so some combinations of subjects may not be available.
  • Academically able pupils may be allowed to take a sixth AS Level subject from Group 4, subject to availability.
  • It may be possible to take Biology as an alternative to Mathematics to meet the requirements for Group 3.
  • Foreign students may be exempt from a second language for exemption purposes.

Grade 12 subject choices should be based on requirements for pupils’ overseas or SA universities and courses of choice:

Grade 12 (A Level)

  • Pupils take three A Level subjects (chosen from the AS Level subjects taken in Grade 11).
  • Academically able pupils may be allowed to take a fourth A Level subject.

Note: All subjects are offered subject to sufficient demand. Where there is a maximum number of places available for a particular subject, the top candidates, based on previous academic performance, will be allocated the places in that subject.

Qualifications for Entry

A 70% aggregate in Grade 10 is required for entry to the A Level programme. Consideration will be given to those with an aggregate above 60%, depending on work ethic and subject choices. The requirements for those who arrive having completed a set of IGCSEs will be similar. The transition from Grade 10 or IGCSE to the Cambridge A Levels programme is challenging in terms of more advanced, rigorous and in depth study, and the levels of independent study required.


There will be an additional charge of R16 500 per annum attached to taking the A Levels stream, over and above the normal school fees. Further costs will include examination registration costs and textbooks.

Advantages of taking Cambridge International A Levels

Cambridge International A Levels are internationally recognised as the premier university entrance qualification. Should your child be aiming to study at an overseas university, an A Levels qualification will streamline the process. Pupils intending to study in South Africa will also benefit from the in-depth, rigorous, university-style approach to their work, which will give them a head start to their tertiary education.

Disadvantages of taking Cambridge International A Levels

For pupils intending to study at South African universities, very careful consideration of subject choices is necessary to ensure matriculation exemption and to meet the specific university faculty requirements. The requirements for A Levels students applying to South African universities tend to be more challenging, and the later release of Cambridge results may hinder smooth entry to South African universities.

The step up to Cambridge AS and A Levels from Grade 10 is challenging in terms of the academic demand and the necessity for independent study.

Further Information

For more information about our Cambridge International A Levels stream, please contact Graham Creese (HOD A Levels) at

More information on Cambridge courses and qualifications can be found on the Cambridge International website:

We also recommend the Cambridge International Recognitions Database, which details specific entry requirements for universities around the world for pupils with A Level qualifications:

Please browse the links below for more information.

  • Universities South Africa – requirements for SA Universities

  • Cambridge International AS and A Level Recognition

  • Destination USA / UK / Australia

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Cambridge International A Level Results 2021

St Andrew’s College in Makhanda (Grahamstown) congratulates 11 of its final year (Grade 12) pupils who wrote the Cambridge International A-Level examinations in October and November of 2021, and subsequently achieved a 100% pass rate. Forty-three (43) percent of our subject A-Level results were over 80%.

We are particularly proud of our pupils who wrote Further Mathematics, all of whom achieved A* (90% and above) or A symbols, while 56% of our results in Mathematics and 50% of our in Chemistry were A* or A symbols. This is an exceptional outcome.

While we are proud of all our A-Level pupils, there were some standout individuals:

  • James Stadler – 94% average

4x A* symbols (Further Mathematics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics)

  • Rowan Rosenberg – 90% average

3x A* symbols (Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics), 1x A symbol (Further Mathematics)

  • Alexis Boulanger – 86% average

1x A* symbol (Chemistry), 2x A symbols (Biology and Mathematics)

  • Blaine Price – 86% average

2x A* symbols (Mathematics and Physics)

  • Trevor Wabbi Kasozi – 82% average

1x A* symbol (Chemistry), 1x A symbol (Mathematics)

The 2021 cohort of A-Level pupils is our second class to write Cambridge International examinations, and we could not be prouder of the work put in by both the pupils and the academic staff. This result certainly bodes well as we await the release of the Independent Examinations Board (IEB) Matric results on Wednesday, 19 January 2022.

The Cambridge International A-Levels Stream, gives our pupils the choice of a recognised and respected international alternative to the mainstream National Senior Certificate (NSC) written through the IEB. Successful completion of a Cambridge International A-Level qualification provides pupils with access to the top universities throughout the world, including South Africa. The A-Levels Stream offering distinguishes St Andrew’s College from its peers in the secondary schooling environment.

Notably, some of St Andrew’s College’s former A-Levels pupils have gone on to read towards their degrees, in a variety of faculties, at Oxford University, Durham University, Aberdeen University, the University of Exeter, and Cardiff University.

Mr Graham Creese, Head of A-Levels and Curricular Innovations said, “We are exceptionally proud of the achievements of our A-Levels class of 2021. They have overcome the challenges of two heavily disrupted years on the-A Levels programme to achieve some excellent results, with our top pupils exceeding our highest expectations. They have grasped the opportunity to stretch themselves academically through the A-Levels programme with great focus and determination. They have flourished academically and are now truly equipped to succeed in their choice of university anywhere in the world.”

Again, as St Andrew’s College we are proud of the work done by our pupils, and further wish them all the best as they embark on their studies towards a tertiary qualification and become well-rounded individuals who contribute to and change the world for the better.

We warmly congratulate the following pupils who achieved exceptional results in their Cambridge International A Level examinations: