T he subject Life Sciences, as defined by the National Curriculum Statement, involves the systematic study of life in the changing natural and human-made environment. In order to achieve this the subject includes four main areas of focus: Tissues, cells & molecular, Structure and control of processes in basic life systems of plants and humans, Environmental studies and Diversity change & continuity.

The department is split between St Andrew’s College and the DSG, with two laboratories on either campus. All the labs well supplied with the materials used for the standard biological investigations that compliment the syllabus. They are also connected to the school network and have data projectors in the class which allows access to up to date sources of information.

Not only will the study of Life Sciences enhance career opportunities in medicine, pharmacy, agriculture, industry, biotechnology, microbiology, marine biology, environmental and patent law, education and research but it will also promote creative, critical and independent thinking skills that are of use in all spheres of modern life.