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Grade 8s immersed in the Xhosa Culture

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Grade 8s immersed in the Xhosa Culture

Grade 8 excursion to Mngqesha Great Place

St Andrew’s College is excited to share with you the incredible experience our Grade 8 students enjoyed on their recent excursion to Mngqesha Great Place. This cultural heritage site, nestled in the heart of our beautiful Eastern Cape, provided our students with a unique opportunity to delve into the rich history and traditions of the Xhosa people.

The Grade 8s orientation week ended with our boys visiting Mngqesha Great Place located in King Williams Town. A culturally based tourism initiative in the Rharhabe Kingdom under King Sandile Development Trust.

Mngqesha Great Place caters to culturally interested travellers with outdoor activities such as traditional entertainment or oral tradition. Our boys learned more about the Xhosa history from the custodian of the Rharhabe Kingdom from uTatu Vazi. They learned that each Kingdom is ruled by a King who controls the chieftaincy and were given an understanding of what the role of the King is in the nation. A monarch carries great responsibility and serves as a unifying figure, guiding the community towards progress and harmony. Nkosi Vazi explained how traditional leadership is inherited through kinship, the leader usually inherits the leadership position from his father, as the father did from the grandfather. The students learned about what a King can or cannot do, and how to conduct themselves as a traditional leader.

The visitors enjoyed a tour of the Kingdom, where they experienced firsthand the traditional way of life and the intricately designed huts.

The boys were captivated by the stories shared by the elders who imparted their wisdom and knowledge about Xhosa traditions and values. The excursion left a profound impact on our Grade 8 students. They have a newfound appreciation for cultural diversity and a deeper understanding of the importance of preserving our heritage. This serves as a reminder that our differences should be celebrated and embraced, as they contribute to the rich tapestry of our nation.

We encourage all students to engage in cultural exploration, both inside and outside the classroom. Understanding and appreciating different cultures broadens our knowledge to more compassionate and empathic individuals.

Zubenathi Sanga – English Intern