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Honours Award for Service

Honours Award for First Aid
Oct 10, 2023
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Nov 1, 2023

Honours Award for Service


Elijah Sejjaaka

Elijah has contributed to the cultural life of College in many spheres and has raised the profile of culture by his contribution. He has set an outstanding example of broad involvement and service to others and has taken on a leadership role in many of these activities.

Elijah is an accomplished debater and has earned his Merit Award and attended Debating Festivals. In his senior years, he participated in Speakers’ Society, Copernicans and Plato Society and served on the Marketing Committee. He was the St Andrew’s representative on the President’s Award Youth Committee this year and achieved his Gold Standard Award, which represents commitment to service and diverse involvement, in itself. He has been a Library Monitor since his Grade 8 year and served as Head Librarian this year. He has made an exemplary contribution, mastering the skills needed to help others in this space and arranging numerous impactful displays over the years. He has also been part of library-related initiatives to help the broader community, such as refurbishing bookshelves for the Good Shepherd library.

Elijah has chosen to involve himself primarily in activities where service is the primary focus. He has maintained unwavering commitment to Community Engagement throughout his time at school, exemplifying selfless service. He has been actively involved in Academic Extension on Fridays and Eluxolweni visits, as well as organising 24 4 Smiley in 2022, Mandela Day initiatives for two years, and the Winter Drive this year. He has played a pivotal role on the Community Engagement Committee for three years and has ensured Merriman’s active participation in events, as well as encouraging and inspiring school-wide support of Community Engagement activities.

As part of the Interact Club, Elijah played a pivotal role on the Committee, supporting and helping others with their projects, while always ensuring that the projects were promoted in Merriman. He was involved in the fundraisers for Stand for 30 and Christmas in November, he participated in “tree-popping” outings on numerous occasions, helping to remove alien tree species on local commonage, and he was part of the group of boys who made sandwiches for those in need on Mandela Day.

In the Round Square arena, Elijah has been instrumental in re-thinking the school’s Committee structures to better align with the vision of Round Square, where the Round Square Committee coordinates the contributions of other activities. His vision and thoughtful planning may not have been realised this year but will impact the future of Round Square at College.

Elijah remains humble, serving and supporting his peers and uplifting the broader community without seeking personal accolades. He has set an example of service in many areas of the school and is a deserving recipient of Honours for Service.