Balloon Week Athletics Sports Day - St Andrew's College

Balloon Week Athletics Sports Day

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Sep 30, 2023
Balloon Week Cricket Action
Oct 9, 2023

Balloon Week Athletics Sports Day

Balloon Week concluded with a well-contested Sports Day on Lower Field – a fitting end to what was an incredible five days on and around the St Andrew’s campus. The atmosphere on and off the track was jovial, yet competitive, and it was good to see the St Andrew’s College and DSG athletes compete alongside each other again. After tough competition, the overall standings were as follows:

1st Mullins

2nd Upper

3rd Armstrong

4th Graham

5th Merriman

6th Espin

The individual event winners were as follows:

Event U14 Performance U15 Performance
100m  Mackenzie More 12.09 Jaryd Mattison 11.95
200 m Mackenzie More 25.60 Jaryd Mattison 24.70
400m Rafael Carrara 1:01.27 Qhawe Madikizela 57.40
800m Gregory White 2:26.50 Zac Fletcher 2:20.10
1500m Trent Olivier 5:10.86 Zac Fletcher 4:54.10
100m Hurdles Luke Mason 17.25 Jaryd Mattison 16.35
Discus Noah Stowe 28,90 m Josh Van Zyl 33,86 m
Shot put Noah Stowe 12,36 m Josh Van Zyl 13,83 m
Javelin Luke Mason 28,04 m Will Francis 33,78 m
Long jump Caleb Pennington 4,64 m Qhawe Madikizela 5,74 m
High jump Warrick Campbell 1,50 m Qhawe Madikizela 1,66 m
Pole vault Nicholas Theron 1,90 m Josh Van Zyl 2,85 m
Pentathlon Noah Stowe   Olona Kamba  
Event U16 Performance  
100m  Jack More 11.61
200 m Jack More 25.00
400m Luca Nigrini 54.63
800m Jean de Villiers 2:14.12
1500m Jean de Villiers 4:56.30
100m Hurdles Matthew Harvey 15.63
Discus Matthew Harvey 26,78 m
Shot put William Beamish 13,75 m
Javelin Connor Malan 32,41 m
Long jump Mahle Hlanjwa 5,21 m
High jump Matthew Harvey 1,68 m
Pole vault Matthew Baisley 2,25 m
Pentathlon Jean de Villiers    
  U17 Performance Open Performance
100m  Murray Wilson 11.31 Mbulelo Mkosi 11.53
200 m Murray Wilson 23.24 Jason Glenn 24.25
400m Murray Wilson 53.65 Oliver Snart 54.16
800m Andy Holmes 2:12.06 Jake Coventry 2:11.80
1500m Tom Clucas 4:53.24 Jake Coventry 5:43.53
100m Hurdles Alex Hutton 14.43 Karabo van Heerden 16.48
300m/400m Hurdles Murray Wilson 42.18 Mark Ter Morshuizen 1:11.72
Discus Tristan Boulanger 27,04 m Oliver Myatt-Taylor 28,15 m
Shot put Julian Mapoore 10,56 m Sintu Mjali 10,62 m
Javelin Connor McNamara 35,70 m Kai Niskanen 39,27 m
Long jump Alex Hutton 5,58 m Sintu Mjali 5,43 m
High jump Roman Van Zyl 1,72 m Karabo van Heerden 1,83 m
Pole vault David Brits 2,95 m Kai Niskanen 2,20 m
Pentathlon Murray Wilson   Matthew Gouws