Inter-House Football Tournament Final - St Andrew's College

Inter-House Football Tournament Final

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Sep 15, 2023
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Sep 19, 2023

Inter-House Football Tournament Final

The 2023 edition of the Inter-House Football Tournament was intensely contested. All six houses were well prepared for both junior and senior categories.

The group stages produced some entertaining matches with Merriman comfortably topping their group and Armstrong showing great resilience to top their group in the senior competition. The junior groups were hotly contested with Armstrong and Merriman coming out on top.

In the junior competition, Armstrong produced a phenomenal performance to beat Espin in the semi-final while Mullins shocked Merriman in the dying minutes of their match to qualify for the final. The junior final was a tight affair with both teams desperate for the win. In the end, it was Mullins who came out on top and took the junior trophy.

The senior semi-finals were decided between the overly confident Mullins and Graham House teams and the quietly confident Espin and Armstong teams. Espin simplified their game and comfortably beat Graham 2-0 in a brilliant performance, while Armstrong took complete advantage of a battling Mullins performance to qualify for the senior final.

Thato Machaba kept his brilliant form throughout the tournament and gave Espin an early lead in the final. Armstrong dominated possession and territory for most of that match, but the Espin defence remained disciplined and organised. However, Armstrong would eventually equalise through a well-taken penalty. After full-time the match went to a best-out-of-three penalty shootout. The Espin boys executed all their penalties with confidence, with the final and match-winning penalty, converted by a cool, calm, and collected Kamvelihle Kese.

Thank you to all Houses who participated so positively to a great tournament. The final rankings were as follows:


  1. Mullins
  2. Armstrong
  3. Merriman
  4. Espin
  5. Upper
  6. Graham


  1. Espin
  2. Armstrong
  3. Graham
  4. Merriman
  5. Mullins
  6. Upper

Congratulations to Espin House, winners of the Senior section of the tournament.