K-Day Debating - St Andrew's College

K-Day Debating

Youth Day 2023
Jun 20, 2023
Aidan Smith Farewell
Jun 23, 2023

K-Day Debating

On Tuesday, 13 June, our senior team debated against Kingswood College. The motion before the house was, “This house supports banning advertising for movies that don’t pass the Bechdel test.” The Bechdel test is a simple test to ensure representation of women in movies, books, and other forms of media.

During the debate, poor standards and perceived ineffectiveness of the Bechdel test for the feminist movement were raised multiple times by Kingswood as they opposed the motion. However, the St Andrew’s team successfully proposed the motion and convinced the house that passing it would promote gender equality in the film industry, break stereotypes, promote diverse storytelling, and hold the film industry accountable for its representation of women. 

They argued that the ban on advertising for movies that fail the Bechdel test sends a signal that it is no longer acceptable to overlook or marginalise female characters in movies. Additionally, they emphasised that this ban not only attracts a wider audience but also encourages filmmakers to cater to diverse perspectives and experiences, leading to more engaging and relatable content.

Lastly, they highlighted the potential of inspiring societal change through media. The adjudicators were convinced by these arguments, and the debate was awarded to St Andrew’s as the proposition. 

Congratulations to Aiden Wood, Siviwe Quma, and Alex Hutton, who represented our team effectively. Well done!

Ms Nomkhitha Minya