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Jock Cawse “swallow sculpture” to the unnamed boy
June 20, 2023
Youth Day 2023
June 20, 2023
Jock Cawse “swallow sculpture” to the unnamed boy
June 20, 2023
Youth Day 2023
June 20, 2023

Library News

A new fun addition to the library space is our Puzzle Corner. Josh van Zyl trying his hand at puzzle making.

The month, of June is dedicated to the celebration and commemoration of all the diversity that exists at St Andrew’s College. We take PRIDE, which stands for Professionalism, Respect, Integrity, Diversity and Excellence in all the members of our Andrean Community. There is so much bigotry and gender violence in our world today and the library monitors mounted a display to show respect and inclusivity for all our boys and girls. Please read the “Whispers of Freedom” Poem on the next page.

Mrs Mel Webb

Whispers of Freedom

I questioned my truth,

Embracing my identity, in my vibrant youth.

Society’s whispers begged me to conform,

But I refused to let my spirit deform.

Love should flow freely, without a fight,

Authenticity shining, like a beacon of light.

No need to hide, no need to deceive,

For in embracing myself, I will find my peace.

In this rainbow tapestry, I find my home,

A sanctuary of love, where I freely roam.

No labels define me, I’m beautifully free,

No masks I will wear, the real me you will see.

With rhythm and pride, I stand tall and true,

Celebrating diversity in all that I do.

Together we unite, a vibrant symphony,

Our voices resounding in harmony. 


We were very happy to welcome Old Andrean Andrew de Blocq (Armstrong 2009) on a visit to the Cawse Library. Andrew is a leading South African ornithologist who has a special interest in the economics of avi-tourism. He emphasised to the boys the importance of birds to our environment and how critically endangered so many bird species are.

He was amazed at how the library had changed since he was at St Andrew’s College. He very kindly presented the library with copies of the SASOL Guide to Birds of Southern Africa, and Marguerite Poland’s delightful “Taken Captive by birds” and thirdly a frightening Red Data book listing  birds of South Africa ,Lesotho and Swaziland that (Armstrong 2009)are endangered.