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Business Management Theory Book Collection

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May 16, 2023
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Business Management Theory Book Collection

Thando France., Alex Calder, Emma Lidsba and Timothy Mwesigwa viewing the latest display

Old Andrean Neil Wright, donated books on Business Management Theory to the St Andrew’s Cawse Library.

Included in the collection are works by pioneer authors such as Peter Drucker, Michael Porter and Clem Sunter who have led the way in researching and writing about Management theory.

After the second World War businesses became the major scaffolding for growing post war economies and one saw the emergence of multi-national organisations such as Microsoft and Apple.

In Neil’s words “the practice of management takes one outside oneself with its structures concepts and idealism.”

The addition of these books to our Business Management holdings will enhance the knowledge of both staff and pupils. The overflow of books will be housed in the Business classrooms to be accessed by staff and pupils alike.

The Cawse Library would like to thank Neil Wright for his contribution to Management Theory in South Africa and for his generosity.

Mel Webb

Cawse Librarian