Debating: St Andrew's vs Nombulelo - St Andrew's College

Debating: St Andrew’s vs Nombulelo

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Debating: St Andrew’s vs Nombulelo

This past Friday St Andrew’s College debating team took on Nombulelo High School 1.

The teams were presented with the following info-slide:

“You are Belinda, a bright and ambitious woman in her 20s studying for your Computer Science degree at a prestigious university. You are dating Will, a male colleague from your class. You find his company pleasant, but severe aspects of his personality annoy you, and you doubt you would enjoy this relationship long-term. With the power of foresight granted to you by the holy info slide, you know that in the future, your current partner will become a millionaire and CEO of his own business.

“ Motion: This house, as Belinda would pursue a long-term relationship with Will.

Nombulelo proposed and St Andrew’s opposed this motion. St Andrew’s emerged victorious in the debate and the best speaker was awarded to Siviwe Quma, for his impressive delivery as the third speaker on side opposition.