Writing Retreat - St Andrew's College

Writing Retreat

Journey to Rhodes
Apr 18, 2023
South African National Strings Convention
Apr 18, 2023

Writing Retreat

On 31 March 2023, 3 pupils from St Andrew’s College and the Diocesan School for Girls, took part in the annual writing retreat. Owing to small numbers, we could not go away, but hopefully enough sentiment will build that this will again be the case in 2024. Over the course of 2 days, pupils were involved in the following workshops:

•  Ingredients: focus on the building blocks of descriptive writing

•  Spontaneity in writing

•  Magic realism

•  Triggering Towns: writing that conforms to structure…and absurdity!

There were also literary discussions around tea, coffee, ice creams and lunch.

My sincere thanks to Ms Gowar and Mr Stuart-Watson for all they did to make this retreat a success. I believe that what they offered in their workshops was excellent and extended all involved in many different and exciting ways. My thanks also extend to all the pupils involved: it was a privilege to have heard all of your voices come through in your writing. Keep on writing!

Mr Joe Orsmond