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Work Trophies

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Apr 18, 2023
Grade 8 Camp – Overcoming Adversity
Apr 18, 2023

Work Trophies


The Grade 8s produced some very encouraging application marks across the board. MULLINS HOUSE took the honours this term, achieving the highest average application mark of any tutor group in the school. Well done to Kian Charleson and Mitchell Hartney of Mullins House, Rafael Carrara and Luke Mason of Armstrong House, Tristan Hallam of Espin House, and Max De Wet of Upper House, who were the top scoring Grade 8s this term.

Grade 9

After spending the whole of 2022 in the possession of Graham House, the Grade 9 Work Trophy was wrestled away by ARMSTRONG HOUSE this term by a narrow margin. Callum McMurray and Grant McJannet of Armstrong House, Zian Dreyer and Peer Lidsba of Espin House, and Sid Fishlock of Merriman House are to be congratulated for top scoring in Grade 9.

Grade 10

ARMSTRONG HOUSE picked up the Grade 10 Work Trophy for the first time, dethroning Espin House who had won the trophy for the previous three terms. Merriman House and Graham House were hot on their heels. Congratulations to the top scorers in Grade 10 this term: Matthew Kruse of Graham House, Ndalo Tetyana of Armstrong House, and Thomas Owen-Jones of Upper House, and special congratulations to Alastair De Kock of Espin House who achieved a full house of R’s this term.

Grade 11

MERRIMAN HOUSE retained their stranglehold on the Grade 11 Work Trophy, winning it for the eighth term in a row. Well done to Tom Clucas and Ayena Gwarube of Merriman House, who both achieved a full house of R’s this term. Congratulations too to the other top scorers in Grade 11: Chukwu Ekpebegh and Julius Rocher of Merriman House, Andy Holmes and Ethan van der Merwe of Graham House, Murray Wilson and Jack Dixie of Upper House, and Aiden Wood of Mullins House.


The Grade 12 Work Trophy has moved back and forth between Armstrong and Merriman in the last few years, and this term it was regained by MERRIMAN HOUSE by a comfortable margin. Congratulations to Max Coventry of Merriman House and Michael Mulcahy of Upper House, who achieved full houses of R’s for their A Level subjects, and to Mathew Poole and Mark Ter Morshuizen of Armstrong House, Joey Rugemalira of Merriman House, and Noah Da Motta of Mullins House, for top scoring on the IEB Stream.
OVERALL, ARMSTRONG HOUSE came out on top for the first time since 2018, narrowly ahead of Merriman and Graham Houses.

Congratulations to all College boys who gave their best academically this term. The average application mark was the highest it has ever been in the Easter Term!