Interhouse Philosothon - St Andrew's College

Interhouse Philosothon

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Interhouse Philosothon

On Monday, 27 March, College held it’s very first Interhouse Philosothon. The Philosothon is a concept that originated in the UK. It is an opportunity for pupils from all grades to sit and discuss important and intriguing philosophical and ethical ideas in an environment where active listening, careful questioning and continuous curiosity is encouraged.

The pupils rose to the occasion and made this event a great success. Some excellent discussions were had. In round one, pupils discussed the following topics in their grades:

•  Gullibility and Trust,

•  The nature of human consciousness,

•  Personhood and Autonomy,

•  Existentialism, and

•  Moral relativism

In round two, each house sat together and discussed the question: Are we physical humans having a spiritual experience, or are we spiritual beings having a physical experience? Thank you very much to the judges who gave their time to assist with this event, and to each and every boy who represented his house. It really was a special evening. A special thank you also goes to Father Mark Smith from the Philosothon UK organisation for introducing the concept to College.

The following pupils achieved the highest scores overall and have been named best Orator for their grade. Grade 8: Rafael Carrara – Armstrong Grade 9: Callum McMurray – Armstrong Grade 10: Ndalo Tetyana – Armstrong Grade 11: Alex Hutton – Merriman Grade 12: Siviwe Quma – Mullins.

The overall positions of the houses were as follows: 1st place: Mullins 2nd place: Armstrong 3rd place: Merriman 4th place: Upper 5th place: Graham 6th place: Espin

The Philosothon trophy will be handed over at Speech Day. We look forward to this event becoming an annual tradition at the school.