2024 Scholarship Awards - St Andrew's College

2024 Scholarship Awards

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Apr 14, 2023
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2024 Scholarship Awards

We are delighted to announce the following Scholarships and Exhibitions for our Grade 8 intake in 2024.

Altogether we had ninety-six talented boys who wrote the scholarship examinations and we are delighted that we have been able to award sixteen Scholarships and three Exhibitions. The Exhibitions are a new award this year. Congratulations to those boys who have been given awards and their families and current schools too.

We are particularly delighted that the geographical footprint of these awards is broad and that several schools are represented on the list for the first time. The diversity of backgrounds on our list is increased and there is still a strong emphasis on awards to boys from the Eastern Cape. We wish to grow the reputation of St Andrew’s College as a school of excellence which can attract talented and ambitious boys from all across the Southern African region.

There were many other talented boys on our initial application list, but we could not exceed the number of awards made. We sincerely hope that all those boys will have enjoyed the process and that they will still be able to attend St Andrew’s College next year.

Tom Hamilton
St Andrew’s College Headmaster