DSG Debating Festival - St Andrew's College

DSG Debating Festival

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Mar 11, 2023
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Mar 17, 2023

DSG Debating Festival

The Diocesan School for Girls (DSG) held its second annual Debating Festival this past weekend. It was attended by Merrifield College, Stirling High School, Selborne College, St Andrew’s College and DSG.

The teams participated in five rounds, with 1 prepared and 4 unprepared motions. They also benefitted hugely from the workshops on strategy, content and style, presented by Oyisa Khatshaza (Masters Student at Rhodes University and our resident coach).

The boys did a fantastic job and should be very proud of their results.


St Andrew’s College Team won 3 out of the 5 debates.

Alexander Hutton placed 6th overall with an individual score of 70.75, with only a 0.25-point difference between him and the person who placed 3rd.

Well done to all the debaters for a great effort!


Motion 1: This house would destroy the results of unethical research.

Stirling B vs St Andrew’s College, St Andrews won as side opposition.

Motion 2: This house prefers a world with a widespread belief in Radical Freedom.

St Andrew’s College vs Selborne A, St Andrew’s lost as side proposition.

Motion 3: This house believes that the feminist movement should oppose large corporations that claim to further women’s rights.

St Andrew’s College vs Selborne B, St Andrew’s won as side proposition.

Motion 4: This house supports the use of artificial intelligence in criminal sentencing procedure.

Merrifield B vs St Andrew’s College, St Andrew’s lost as side opposition.

Motion 5: This house believes that democracies should prohibit citizens from visiting oppressive states whose economies depend on tourism.

St Andrew’s College vs Merrifield B, St Andrew’s won as side proposition.