Newboy Induction Ceremony - St Andrew's College

Newboy Induction Ceremony

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Feb 1, 2023
Grade 11 Design
Feb 3, 2023

Newboy Induction Ceremony

The Newboy Induction ceremony took place in the St Andrew’s College Chapel, the Clocktower and Antony Clark Andrean Resource Centre (ARC) this week.

The Heads of Houses delivered a presentation on what it means to be an Andrean. In the presentation, boys were asked, by analogy to reflect on the gardens they would like to start and tend to during their College careers. These reflections were inspired by James Barrow singing Phoebe Bridgers’ haunting ‘Garden song’ as well as the lives of four men who personified the Andrean Characteristics of Service, Humility, Overcoming Difficulties, and making the most of Opportunities.

Rev Richard Wyngaard spoke to the boys about how each part of the body is unique and valued, but only with all the parts will the body be complete. The boys then wrote down on a card their unique skill or talent that they were committing to College, and they laid these on the Altar in a moving and thoughtful ceremony led by the Chaplain, accompanied by Shammah Membe on guitar. These envelopes will be given back to the boys when they do their solo on the Fish River Journey in Grade 10.

After the service in the Chapel, the boys met on Upper Field. Their names were read out one by one as they made their way under the Clock Tower to the ARC where the Newboys officially signed their names, meticulously inscribed by Mrs Pepe Morton, in the leather-bound register. After the induction ceremony into St Andrew’s College, the boys were greeted by the Headmaster, Mr Tom Hamilton, no longer as Newboys but rather as new Andreans. When these boys leave St Andrew’s they will once again sign the register signifying their journey into the next phase of their Andrean journey as Old Andreans.

One day – hopefully in the far distant future – their names will be read again at the Clock Tower during the OA Tide Ceremony; which commemorates those Andreans who have passed away that year; completing a full circle of life.