Celebrating the end of Fish River Journey - St Andrew's College

Celebrating the end of Fish River Journey

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Celebrating the end of Fish River Journey

Earlier today the Grade 10s completed the 19th edition of the John Jones Fish River Journey.

Each year there are a number of unique challenges that are posed to a group and this year was no exception. A perfect example was this morning when students had to endure the final symbolic hike to the mouth in the pouring rain. In true Journey spirit they approached it with the right mindset and before they knew it, they were at the mouth celebrating this incredible achievement.

It has been a pleasure watching the students grow through the 21 days. The grit and resilience that is built up during this time will serve them well in years to come. I hope that they use these new-found skills during the remainder of their time at St Andrew’s College.

I would also like to take this time to thank some of our staff who made all of this possible. Mr Jackson and the cycling team, Miss Mzaza for the work done on the community engagement, Mrs Mason and her team for the rest and create, the Solo team for their work with all the groups, Mrs Muirhead and all those who helped with keeping everyone fed and then lastly, to the real heroes, the group leaders for facilitating this experience for our boys.

I hope you all have a blessed break, you deserve it!!!

Mr R Dewey